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ZJ19B Cigarette Making and Plug Assembling Combination


   ZJ19B is a type of cigarette making combination that has been greatly improved on the basis of PASSIM7K. It keeps the original advantage s of structure and adopts the advanced techn ologies . It operates with much stab ility and high automati on to produc e the high quality cigarettes .


1. High p roduction speed: Up to 8000 cig/min.

2. Good quality of the produced cigarettes — Under the guarantee of devices for the perfect tobacco supply and suction, the rod formation and cut, the separation and tip turning, the automatic inspection and rejection, the re is less tobacco wastes and the cigarettes' roundness, smoothness, stem contents and weight deflection could reach or exceed the standard of " The Norm of Cigarette Technology (new edition)" and other related country's criterion s .

3. High automation — Under the normal working status, all the a utomatic tobacco supply, paper supply, gum supply and knife advance can be carried out . Faults are automatically inspect ed and display ed . The bad cigarettes are automatically rejected.

4. Modu l ar design — Short time f or the installation and test, easy for operating and maint aining .

5. Good safety and a low noise — All the guards fitted with the safety interlock switches guarantee that it is safe for the operator to operate; the good soundproof materials and the sealing parts keep the internal clean and the external a low noise.

6. The complete suction system and high air pressure system.

7. It can meet the various requirements o f the cigarette specifications, working mode, and layout plan, etc. from the customers.

   Output: 8000cig/min    Total power: 59KVA
   Cigarette parameter:    Outside dimensions
   Filter-cigarette length: 65 -120mm    Maker: 4500 × 2312 × 3020mm
   Tobacco rod length: 50 -75mm    Plug assembler: 4590 × 1089 × 2085mm

   Cigarette diameter: 6.2 -9.0mm


   Power supply: 380V ± 10%(3 phases)    Cigarette maker: 7722kg
   Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz ± 1Hz    Plug assembler: 6366kg