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     YL43 Multi-Filter Plug-Tube Combining Machine

   YL43 Multi-Filter Plug-Tube Combining Machine could combine two kinds of filter rods with different length and material. This equipment is mainly used to produce special combining filter rods for the cigarette making. The multi-filter plug-tube rods can effectively reduce the tar content in the cigarettes to lowers the cigarette harm to people.


1. Feeding system: it is to feed, cut and transfer the o riginal filter rods, driven by s ervo motor, convenient to be adjusted and reliable to work.

2. Gap removing mechanism: it adopts tumbling roller mechanism which could be convenient to be adjusted and remove the gaps well.

3. Glue supply system: it adopts double-metering glue supply structure and three independent glue nozzles, which could spread the glue evenly.

4. Cutting system: it adopts the Hooke's double-knife head.

5. Transmission system: the whole machine is driven by 9 sets of AC servo motors and 5 sets of normal motors, greatly simplifying the mechanical structure and improving the transmission precision, convenient to be operated and maintained.

6. Electric control system: it adopts the SIEMENS S7-300PLC, touch screen, field-bus communication and valve terminal technology.

7. Gap inspection device: it adopts light-wave technology which could produce different electric signals from different materials. After being counted, the signals are sent to PLC to be actively set. This can guarantee the stability of gap and symmetry in both sides.


 Output: 200m /min

  Power Supply: 380V ± 38V (3 phases)

 Filter Plug Diameter: φ 7.64 ~ φ 7.79mm

  Total Power: 33Kw

   Filter Plug Length: 64 -150mm  

  Sound Level: ≤ 85dB(A)

  Multi Filter Section Ratio: to be customized

  Overall Size: 3200mm × 880mm × 2300mm

     Requirements for the Original Filter Plug:

  Total Weight: 2800Kg

L1= φ d ± 0.3mm (Com bining Filter Material Core)

L2= φ d ± 0.3mm (Acetate Fiber Material Core)  

Diameter φ± 0.1 mm Roundness ≤ 0.35mm