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     ZL22D Fibre Filter Rod Making Combination

   ZL22D is an updated type of fibre filter rod making combination improved from AF2/KDF2/HCF80 combination. By using the material of acetate fibres, the machine can fluff the material, spray the plasticizer (triacetin) onto the tow and form them into filter rods. It consists of YL12D tow processor, YL22D filter rod maker and YJ35D tray filler. It has the advantages of the quality products, the long lifetime, the low material consumption and the convenient maintenance.  


1. The main driving system adopts Hooke's double-knife head with high rotary speed.

2. It reduces the product wastes when the machine is being started.

3. The plasticizer supply system is independently driven by the servo motor, which can automatically adjust the amount of supply with higher precision.

4. The separate dual-circulated cooling system can effectively cool the circulation system, which improves the filter formation effect and reduces the temperature rising.

5. The electric control system adopts SIEMENS S7-300 PLC, with the connections between different systems through PROFIBUS-DP bus.

6. It is fitted with coloured graphic man-machine interface, and reserves the interfaces of automatic filter rod sampling, on-line filter quality inspection, factory information technology and network.

7. It adopts multi-axle synchronization servo drive system, which could simplify the mechanical structure and upgrade the machine's automation function. The high accurate synchronization control guarantees the production of high quality filter rods.



  Output: 400m /min

  Power supply: 380V ± 38V (3 phases)

  Filter rod diameter: φ 6mm - φ 9mm

  Frequency: 50Hz ± 1Hz

  Filter rod length: 64mm -150mm

  Total power: 15KVA

  Sound level: ≤ 85dB(A)

  Overall size: 8060 ×2370× 3000mm